What Are Dental Bridges and How Do They Benefit Me?

Are spaces or gaps from missing teeth keeping you from smiling? We, at Bessey Creek Dental Care, understand how important it is to your dental and oral health, speech, and appearance to have a full set of functional teeth. We offer quality dental bridges designed to replace missing teeth, restoring their full function and appearance. We are all about helping keep you smiling with confidence for years to come!

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge works to replace missing teeth with natural-looking artificial teeth. Bridges are cemented in place, meaning they do not come in and out. There are different types of bridges available to you including tooth-supported bridges or implant supported bridges. Tooth supported bridges attach artificial teeth to the neighboring healthy teeth with crowns. Implant supported bridges, on the other hand, are supported by dental implants and not by natural teeth.

How Would a Dental Bridge Benefit You?

There are many benefits to choosing dental bridges for your restorative dental work. They offer an effective aesthetic and functional solution to replace one or more missing teeth. Your new bridge will allow you to chew and eat normally, and to speak with clarity. You will love how natural your replacement teeth look and feel. You can smile with confidence once again!

Not only do dental bridges look great, but they also offer benefits for the long-term structure of the mouth. When one loses a tooth, the gap left in the jaw causes surrounding teeth to gradually shift position and spread out, often resulting in many problems including problems with the bite. Teeth that have drifted are harder to clean thoroughly, often resulting in gum disease and tooth decay. Placing a dental bridge will not allow any surrounding teeth to shift thus preventing a host of potential problems.

Say Goodbye to Missing Teeth

Visit us at Bessey Creek Dental Care in Palm City, FL to learn more about dental bridges and how they can improve your dental health and restore your smile. We will answer any question you have and will help you determine the best restorative dentistry option for you. Our highly trained and compassionate team strives to provide quality care and services. Your dental health is what we are all about! Call today!