Socket Preservation after Tooth Extraction

“Having a tooth extraction is a commonly performed dental procedure, yet few people realize the importance of bone and socket preservation. From the time of your teeth removal, degeneration of surrounding bone begins to take place. Fortunately, there are options available to preserve your bone and socket, allowing for a better quantity and quality of bone support for the foundation for implant placement.”

What Happens After Tooth Extraction?

There is a bone surrounding your teeth called the alveolar ridge bone, and its primary job is to support your teeth. As soon as a tooth is gone, the bone doesn’t serve a purpose anymore, so the bone begins to degenerate. When the bone fades away, gaps begin to form between your teeth, or teeth can move out of alignment. In addition to losing bone, the overlying gum tissue may lose form and volume. That is why socket preservation usually takes place at the same time of the tooth extraction.

What Is Socket Preservation?

A socket preservation procedure entails putting a bone graft inside the socket, where the extracted tooth was. The graft can be made of synthetic materials or come from animal or human bone. After placing the graft in the tooth socket, your dentist usually covers it up with a collagen membrane, then uses sutures to keep the opening closed.

Is Socket Preservation Necessary?

Performing a socket preservation procedure aims to improve the appearance and health of the remaining teeth, and to make the process for getting a future dental implant less complicated. Studies have shown that this treatment helps reduce horizontal or vertical alterations in the alveolar ridge near the site of your tooth extraction.

Care After Extraction

It is essential to care for the area around the socket after tooth extraction to allow healing and to avoid a painful condition called dry socket. That develops when the blood clot forming in the tooth socket is dislodged, exposing the bone beneath it. To prevent dry socket, avoid brushing the teeth around the extraction site for at least a day, and refrain from smoking or using a straw.

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