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How to Approach Emergency Dental Care for Kids

All Parents love to see their children laughing, running and playing, but they are not always prepared to deal with the risks of dental emergencies that a slip or a fall may bring. Being prepared will minimize pain and damage and ensure the best possible outcome for your child.


Initial Steps

If your child has a dental emergency, first check for bleeding, which if present, can be stopped by applying pressure. You will need to clean the wound and assess the severity of the injury.

If your child has knocked out a tooth, pick it up without touching the root and gently place it back in your child’s socket to maintain the moisture and increase the chances that your dentist can replant it. If you can’t keep the tooth in your child’s mouth, a cup filled with milk or some saliva will help keep it moist. Even if the tooth looks chipped or broken, your dentist will decide whether or not repair is possible.


Contact Your Dentist

Make sure to contact your child’s dentist as soon as you can, because immediate attention can save a tooth and can prevent possible infections. If the injury occurs late at night or during a weekend or a holiday, contact a local emergency dentist.


Be Prepared

Every home with children has a first aid kit. You also need to make sure to keep a dental first aid kit on hand. You will need some gauze, a small cup, mouthwash, a cold compress, and a tooth storage device with fluid. Become informed and make sure you know how to use your kit. Quick action on your part can ensure that any member of your family has a better chance of recovery without permanent oral damage.


Help Is Here

We, at Bessey Creek Dental Care in Palm City, FL, are here to take care of all your family’s dental needs. We provide general, pediatric, cosmetic, implant, preventative and restorative dental services. Our exceptional team will offer you care second to none. Schedule your appointment today to learn about the many services we provide and how we can help you in the event of a dental emergency. We look forward to taking care of all your dental needs!


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