What services do you provide?

Bessey Creek Dental Care provides general, pediatric, cosmetic, implant, preventative and restorative dental services. Please click on our ‘Services’ tab for more details.

What happens during my first visit?

We will conduct a thorough examination on your first visit to determine the best course of action to achieve dental health and your goals. We will:

  • Take a series of x-rays to identify any current problems and to use as a baseline on future visits to detect early signs of problems.
  • Assess gum condition and health.
  • Examine teeth for cavities and condition of old dental restorations.
  • Screen for oral cancer and TMD (jaw joint disorders).
  • Clean and polish your teeth.

Why do I need to discuss my medical conditions with the dentist?

Many of the procedures we do can affect your overall health and many general health conditions can have oral manifestations.  It is extremely important to provide us with a thorough and complete medical history.

How often do fillings need to be replaced?

Fillings can last for many years, but over time they wear down, discolor, crack and sometimes fall out. Early detection of problems with fillings can help you avoid more serious problems like root canals or extractions.   We’ll check your fillings at every visit to determine if any need to be replaced.

Do you use composite (tooth colored) or amalgam (silver) fillings?

We exclusively place composite resin tooth colored fillings.  These fillings have improved technology, are bonded to the tooth, and are much more esthetically pleasing than silver fillings.

Are X-rays really necessary?

Absolutely. Dental X-rays are essential, preventative, diagnostic tools.  Without X-rays, we are unable to fully and accurately examine your oral health.  X-rays are used to visualize gum disease, cavities, fractures, infections, etc.  Many of these problems may not cause pain and can only be seen with an X-ray.  Digital low dose x-rays subject the patient to very low radiation doses.  In fact, a person is exposed to more radiation just by flying on an airplane or being out in the sun for a few hours.